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Where we started

Our original league was founded in response to a significant lack of inclusive athletic environments for adults with physical and mental disabilities. Some organizations focused on youth players but once a person reached eighteen that list reduced dramatically. It was our vision to create an athletic organization which would have no barriers to entry and could accommodate any adult player as they are. Over ten years later this principle hasn't changed.

How our games are set up

We are out there to create an atmosphere exclusivity and fun. Due to this no scores are kept during our All-Star League games. Every player bats until they get a hit even if it is from a tee. Runners wait till after a hit to automatically progress to the next base. Our first concern is always the safety of our players and volunteers. Players in the field and on base always have an accompanying buddy who's present to stop line drives and generally prevent injury on the field. They are also there to help players pick and relay the ball back to our volunteer pitcher. Everyone is cheered for what they can do and we all leave a little bit richer.

For players that are looking to learn and to play in faster paced games LSPB has two teams composed of players who can hit pitches, run bases while staying aware of the game, field and receive instructions.

Each Saturday the players will have 30 minutes of softball drills in: hitting; fielding; base running; and more. The skill development will then be followed by a scrimmage game for one hour with each team alternating as "home". Games are meant to hone each of the players skills. In this spirit, there are outs and score keeping though we never emphasis wins as the goal. Cooperative play and personal improvement are our aims.


All instructions and games will be at the Incarnate Word High School softball diamond located behind the main buildings next to the pool. If you would like to participate please follow the link below to the registration page and check the instructional league the form. If you simply are interested in more information then please email us at


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